Hi there.
My name is Lorenza,I am pretty sure there’s no need for you to know my surname.
I am a professional,certified painter,mom of two,oil engineer and a ceramist.
I am a contradictory personality as you can understand.On the other hand I don’t pretend I am on the normal side,more likely on the abnormal one,as most of us I guess.
I chose to be an oil engineer out of personal ambition and poor family background. I didn’t choose to be an artist,it came along with my birth.
To be totally honest,I enjoy more my artistic side than my technocrat one.Unfortunately I really had to pair both just to keep my sanity.

It’s been like ten years I discovered I enjoy writing as well.But I can put up with negative critiques too.I am still an “aprendiz” from South America who loves over analyzing things.
My motto is I will be always learning,even though my opinion has already been formed.In some magic way,people and/or circumstances always prove me wrong.
Well that’s the spice of life,isn’t it..

I recently reside in Greece,yes the cursed country with the sunny people.And even though I could leave,I am just not moving a bit from here.
My art isn’t selling anymore because I can’t find supplies and my engineering profession died because of so many dirty games revealed in front of my Cambridge eyes that made me resign once and for all.But I,as many of the locals here,I will find my way through this mess.

It’s all about V for…ermm Visiting!!!!
Sometimes the last letters of the alphabet are the most important ones

Thanks for visiting.


5 responses to “Bio

  1. I like ZZZZ best if we’re talking about the last letters of the alphabet, not the Greek one obviously 🙂

    Google it

    You’ll see it leads to the bastard Barry Minkow. He and many like him are the scourge of the common people, forget about the Bilderbergs, they are not your enemy.

    • the geek alphabet ends in Omega: a significant letter such as Pi or Phi.. UNFORTUNATELY this culture has provided many and left with few.About the Bildebergs I am still in the process.Not against but not in favour either.One thing bothers me: since they got the global control,they sure are against me

  2. Most crimes are committed by little people Lorenza wanting to become big people.

    Most big people care enough about themselves to know that to mistreat little ones brings about their own demise, that is why they are bigger people.

    I’m sure if you trace through the crimes committed by those in Greece the littleness of the person committing the crime will stand out.

    Their hearts are tiny.

    Keep your heart big and convince those similarly blessed to be true to their beliefs. The Euro is no place for somewhere as special as Greece.

    • Ι ache for this culture,I bleed. But hardly anybody can tell.Its the Little fisher price People always making the difference.But my bleeding family has to pay for it.
      Its okay.we will make it.I pray for the rest of the world not to suffer

  3. Being surrounded by a magic countryside I am sure you shall be inspired a lot for your artistic expression. Though a person has to survive on food and drinks I do hope you shall be able to be satisfied on those fronts as well and find strength in joining hand with all the ordinary honest Greek, who are fooled by the many dishonest ones who ruined the country.

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