What’s going on here?

And how are the Bilderberg club involved in this stupid but deadly game?

I guess we are all familiar with the Greek “Divine Comedy” either we agree or not with all the name calling,the Med Club and other distractions.
But is it really a debt story? Or is it something deeper than a bunch of lazy guys evading tax?

As i said here trying to make an eestimation,not even close to prediction.. but just because I have been quite familiar with politics once upon a time.. all this have less to do with debts,defaults,sovereign,cash,and /or countries.

Isn’t it amazingly surprising that less than a day after the notorious Greek election (round B) Russia decided to make its move in the Eastern Mediterranean along with China? Is it territorial defense? Of course not..Is it any kind of plan for expanding its empire? Again nope.All it is is a game of power and a show of “Who’s the mighty one on this planet”

Putin doesn’t like the Bilderberg activity.. They get in his way.China feels the same as Putin.Brazil wants to have a share of the pie and shake its bad reputation of a country of endless and forgivable criminality..India is having its hopes high and Iran trying to prove it’s not gonna fall that easily as Iraq did.

So what do they all want from this dot on the map called Greece,from the Mediterranean itself and they decided to write an opera of flowing cash..
My opinion is that it’s going further than a simple geopolitics and underground wealth exploitation game.It is more simple than that.It is now known even to the most ignorant,that the Bildebergs control not only the majority of companies around the world,but almost all of the western governments,controlling “areas” for them is controlling one more part of the planet.Maybe now it is Greece and tomorrow will be Syria ,Italy whoever.But what is hiding behind the war moves is the new cold war.

This time it is Russia and the Bilderberg club.Usa is absent because it IS the Bilderbergs.So what they do before owning a spot of the world,before they “assassinate” it financially..They get buddy buddy with high level officials.. the Elites..They provide them a strong motive to be the traitors of their nations and then they offer them a nice shelter somewhere in Canada for example..
In return all they have to do is hand the Bildebergs the keys of any country.

So, today is the 20th of June,3 days after the crucial Greek election.Of course they were crucial,mostly for the Greek people and then for everybody in this world.But why so much fuss so much terror so much manipulation on the Greeks if the only purpose was to create a war incident in Middle East? No purpose at all,if you agree.. Unless if they do desire to cause a global market crash and get done with a useless generation of politicians like Merkel or Papandreou or anyone else.. and get rid of a non fuctioning currency not serving any interests any more since it DIDN’T bring down the US dollar as everyone was expecting.
What is better than a war scenario huh..and all of the sudden Russia withdraws its forces from the Eastern Mediterranean I mean come on who pulled Putin’s ear..Let me guess the stock markets or S&P guided by the Bilderbergs which already has given a C grade for some of the Russian provinces.When Russia tries desperately to save Cyprus from a collapse and get in the euro-game.. and firstly,it has its interests set on Greece.And if Russia doesn’t want a US “no-fly ” zone it has any right but both the USA and Russia they are barking to the wrong tree as Syria is an independent country that eventually will have to solve its own issues if the syrian people don’t want to end up in a massacre thanks to the big guys.

So we move on to the next stage:
a) Greece is doomed by everyone no matter the election outcome.. so much for the importance
b) Russia backs off just to make its move till July
c) USA sends in its battle ships
d) Both will want to build bases in new places(i made a rhyme 😀 )
e) Israel will be put on halt till it will be in a position to serve interests
f) Iran is long forgotten as a threat( please do note the time line: when it was forgotten as a nuclear threat? When the EuroZone started falling apart) but it will make a very flashy entrance to the scene

and last but not least

g)Nobody has any information on the artillery to be used..Since the last conflict we all suspect the arms technology has evolved.But up to which point? Why is it classified? Why we have to be again in front of a factor that was never calculated in the MSM stormy news?
Why all the TV channels are so busy with the collapse of the euro and a tiny country and all of those scenarios.. Greece yes,it was the country which offered a lot,more than a lot to all of us,nobody can deny that.But its debt or alleged or fabricated debt was more important than all those hidden changes that some of us felt we had to bring to light even in a form of suspicion?Something is really wrong and if you fail to see it I am sorry along with others too.
Spain,how can possibly Spain be defaulting! Okay I will buy the Greek default story if you explain to me how the hell Spain is broke.. Don’t tell me because it lent to Greece You can do better than that
Premeditated global collapse for the Bilderbergs.

Is it a coincidence that a conflict waits for an ignition NOW??? NOW?

I don’t see conspiracies everywhere but it’s too much of a coincidence.Mubarak having a heart attack?So damn convenient! I think Egypt had cut off the natural gas supplies to Israel based on no ground.. like 2 months ago.Was that the beginning of a war crime hidden behind fake defaults?

who profits?
Certainly not you or me the known tax payers.

The control game still is in process and I am really afraid that more will come next month.


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