all the pieces falling in

Credits to Gavin Smith for offering me the info.Thanks Gav.

This will blow your mind … no wonder they want it banned

My TBTF buddies and I have been secretly buying GOLD and shipping it to s
Switzerland and when I launch the next QE officially we will all be in DAVOS watching you peons count worthless paper with dead presidents faces on them.

Don’t say I did not warn you with these 11 points of light.

1.We must ban the video ” I want the earth plus 5%” on YouTube

2. Rates will not go up, and the Fed will not even consider it until 2018.

3. I like to give my banking buddies free money at .25% so they can buy treasuries that will return 2-3%. If that is not enough they should buy all the natural resources in the world. Like in 2009 when oil was $40 and we bought tankers and had them sitting in the middle of the sea. Now we sell that back to all you poor dumbf–ks.

4. Fear not even if I run out of trees and vegetation to print money, I have the power to electronically add Zeros to all my TBTF banks. Soon we will have a cashless society and all of you will be slaves.

5. There is no Inflation and gas and food prices are useless to a real economist, we generally recycle our own fecal matter. The proletariat is to dumb to know we are taxing the most poor in society. ( When food and gas prices go up so does state sales tax revenue) another bailout without being a bailout I love how my mind thinks.

6. Never forget Bankers are above the law. Never forget this and now kiss my ring or I will shut you down Friday evenings after working hours.

7. I am the bastard son of Alan Greenspan. I and my father do not take responsibility for any of the economic downturn, housing bubble or the future bond/currency crisis. History will be rewritten the money I print says it will.

8. I am more than willing to give Europe all the dollars its’ banks need on their balance sheet. Can you say dolla swap, punk ass biatches.

9. Inflation created by the central bank does not exist, hypothetically if it did it is taxation without representation, but the proletariat is again to F in stupid to realize this.

10. I will be the biggest Twit on twitter.

11. I will not be happy until poor people spend at least 5 dollars a gallon for gas and 5 dollars for a gallon of milk. This country needs to be on a diet and I am trying to help. People should walk more and drink water, if my my banking buddies did not already buy up land next to freshwater, they should.

Peace out Bitches
The Bernank
QE to infinity and beyond

PS Inflation is when I start wiping my ass with $2 Jefferson bills which should be next week.


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