My apologies

It’s been almost 1,5 year I was moderating Hall of Goths,a youngster social network.Today I officially resigned.

The fact is that I asked Andrea to remove me from the moderation and he kindly did so.Thanks Andrea 🙂

I don’t have any problem with the site or with any of my friends on here.The contrary,I appreciate each and every one,I appreciate the trust you showed to me,i respect your problems and I was always here to help -if I could.

The bitter truth is that the facts globally are overwhelming.And the country I live in,Greece,is in the spotlight right now.I have this feeling that i am being accused for taking your country’s cash to have fun and live luxuriously,as the Main Stream Media use to say the past years,which is not true.

Greece is a name sounding exotic to many,almost everybody thinks we are all laid back not doing a single thing but diving in the sea..WRONG ..

We used to have jobs,real ones not patching stuff on the holes in our lives.. we used to have a life.. we used to work to sustain our families on our own earnings.It is now known that the bankrupcy was totally planted.Ok.. the issue remains.Not a dime of all that flowing cash reaches a single person here.Our problems are increasing rapidly.We face already shortage in medicine supplies( thank god I am through with the chemos,but the rest?),educational equipment,hospitalization,heating etc

We face the first obvious lacks in basic goods.We are getting blackmailed with the return to the old curruncy if we don’t vote as the IMF wants..

This is a real nightmare.I used to come here,chat,comment and meet my friends and relax.. Now I feel that everybody is pointing the finger out to me as a “thief”,”lazy”,tax evading” person..”living on your money”

My self dignity doesn’t allow me to accept that.Because your tax money goes straight back to the European Central Bank and the French & Dutch & German banks.On the other hand ,how am i supposed to hold a decent conversation on here If I feel that deep inside you accuse ME for all the bads in this world?

Even if the polar shift happens it will be Greece’s fault..

I am sorry but I will disagree.. Imagine how I am facing my own mother that I brought her here from Argentina.I took her from one crisis to bring her to another one.

I am totally stupid.I didn’t see it coming that badly.

When i took on moderating the site I had still a vision for Hall of Goths.I was taught to develop things,and I am proud to say that this very site did develop enough while i was still moderating.I have ideas.. I have hopes.But I am a human being too.

I can’t be offering here if I feel that there is a shade of doubt above me.I can’t be even on the chat thinking that the person I am talking to,has the wrong idea about me or the country I so strongly defend.( Just because I happen to know the true story)

So I decided to remain a simple user.It’s funny not seeing the “Vanity URL” on your profiles.. or being afraid I am going to erase a comment by mistake lol

But my life is so complicated right now,the bashing I have to put up with ,so strong,that I felt the need to find a place to really relax and talk about the problems 11 millions face- not mentioning other citizens too-without the feeling I am being critisized as the thief of your labour,because I am not.. and that was interacting with bloggers on WordPress…Your governments are robbing you,not the people of any damn country,not the Spanish,not the Irish,not the Italians,not the Greeks,not me.

My life was well settled down and all of the sudden it turned into a nightmare.What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Chat about potential suicides when in your or my country there are 4 suicides every day?

Chat about vampires when you or me face the danger to loose your house?

Chat about the latest trends when your or my kids will have to eat from the trash?

Chat about kids when kids are being “used” in political spots when the real kids are fainting from hunger?

That’s exactly what I am facing for the big corporations to get richer.Pure fear.Massacre.Genocide.Slandering.

I said ” NO more of that”

I had enough!

My aim is one and I will pursuit it.I will go down,no doubt about that.My family will go down too.

You all,please,PLEASE wake up before it is too late.

Gavin will be handling the site okay with his caps on:) Justin will be always having a kind word to say when you are feeling down.Count on me too if I am online and if I have managed to pay my huge tax thanks to mrs.Lagarde.I beg you before bashing anyone,please do your research.Otherwise you are not a civilian of this planet,most possible planet Mars.

People don’t change from one day to the other,circumstances do.So my apologies for stepping down.I remain the same as you all met me.

I just can’t stand the injustice,to be honest.I am really afraid that before blowing my own brains out ,I will be taking with me some of the responsible ones.I am proud of my country Argentina as much as I am proud of the country that has embraced me : Greece

Closing,I wanted to say once again that for me it was a true honour meeting you on here!


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