This is driving me crazy.
All this noise filling my head.
Everybody is talking too much- including myself.Everyone,all of the sudden,knows everything and they have become experts over everything .
There is not much for me to say then.
In fact I am in absolute lack of words.
Everybody else has been talking,commenting,indicating on my behalf.

No wonder I have other thoughts in my mind and all of the sudden I can’t put them together and I wander in isolated mind paths in my personal maze returning always to the starting point but never reaching the exit.

If I cried for help would anybody feel like showing me the way out?
“Note to self: Unplug the computer”

It feels like I am responsible for all human sins and my brain is bombed with self repeating breaking news.
It’s not breaking and it’s not news anymore,can we please stop kidding each other?

Thank you.

Can we please stop talking so much? It’s getting annoyingly noisy

Thank you again.

All those voices saying nothing new but just a repetition of what they uttered seconds ago,are pounding on my ears.
All this mass typing makes me want to grab a pen and start writing on a piece of paper.

By the way who remembers how to hold a pen.. oh don’t mind me,it was just a rhetorical question.
Well time to walk my dogs,the only quiet “break”,any coherence has dissolved by now.


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