The end of myself

And freedom itself.
It’s the end of the world
as we know it
We are not allowed to enjoy nature
We are not allowed to speak up
We are not allowed to communicate
We are all potential terrorists
When One person dies
we are all dead
We are enslaved in a prison with no visible bars
We can’t escape
The less freedom I have the more I write
My only way out is really you,all of you
I do bore you
I know
I am just one more voice in the chant
I am nothing more than scattered letters in an unknown blog
It’s my voice
From underneath
And my appeal to all of you
That I am still here
Stop this madness
Cause I can’t from here.

Our world is ruined
And if you fail to see it
I am truly sorry.

I don’t care about your nationality
or your citizenship
We share the same one
Citizens of this planet
And this is my final call.

I won’t be uttering a word more until we are all done
I have been sending out warning signals
for way too long
I am tired
of being ignored
I just found out
A poem isn’t hard to do
Nor a melody
So please
Help me out
Help me put it together
A global melody
In the end
It doesn’t really matter
does it.


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