Umm I am not into politics that much.But what concerns me most is our basic human rights.So today,after I picked my younger son from school we went to the local supermarket to do the shopping of the day.On our way out,I stopped to rearrange the carrier i had and unconsciously my gaze turned to the vegetable bench outside the shop.
Within two weeks it was full with Monsanto products,mainly potatoes,lemons,carrots and onions.Cheap for a country under severe austerity.The known label on the net containing the poisonous food: “Planting is prohibited,all rights belong to the producing company”
My thought was just one :
God save this planet and it’s creatures
Yet when I try to warn the ones who are still ignorant- believe me they are quite a few thousand hundreds-They face me as if I’m narrating fiction bed time stories.

I spent two hours of my precious life today just to watch this video.I bet many of you have already.

Don't ask me if I freaked out,because I sure did.

I have a small garden where i sow vegetables since 2010.Natural seeds,healthy plants.But IF the neighbour-for example- buys knowingly or not,Monsanto seeds I can't use the soil as it's gonna be contaminated.

Of course for any serious blogger this isn't THE news of the century.Banning the home crops isn't the news of the century either.
For my mom who is 74 years old,yes this is the big blasting news!
What about the young ones? Do they know or ,better,do they care?
It's their own future and their own world.
For me,it's really doom's day.I am 43 years old already,If i am to be euthanized by the big profits,I am in the black list already.
Yet I still collect seeds for my children.
Now show me the way to Never Never Land.I believe in humans and in Nature,not in any multinational

If you are under the impression I am a writer,sorry wrong.I don’t know what I am.I am fully occupied with all current issues with little knowledge.But on full will to understand why my life has gone down the poop hole within six years.
Why I am, not allowed to grow vegetables in my own garden without an invoice of Monsanto seeds.

After I retired from my former job,After the hell I had to go through and I am still going through it,I became not only a recognized artist,but a good farmer as well.
I own half an acre that i sow each year.And a tiny garden in front of my very home.I deny to bow in front of any GMO products as I refuse to use fertilizers.
To kill any weed or bacteria on the plants,I just use a solution of soap with water or ash with water.
What the hell,I am a smoker and still got a fireplace.
This kind of ash is more healthy than any Round-up


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