Things I don’t understand.

And I will probably never will.
This euro – obsession to maintain a dead currency,or a blood thirsty currency-call it as you want- to keep it alive,makes no sense.I can’t understand the fear of the nations,including the country I live in,if they were left outside the euro.There is an obvious diversity in Europe that makes it impossible for the nations to unite under one currency.The experiment has failed.
But all that is no big news.What I can’t understand is this fear.
For example Greece( me included)
Until the euro arrived here,we were living just fine.After the euro a dreadful story.Lately our income has dropped 35-40% -the optimistic side- along with other difficulties.And I ask myself.In 2010 I was still making a decent living( I am a lawfull tax payer).
In 2012 I hardly make a living.Inflation-not in statistics -has jumped sky high.I cant find decent prices in this country so I-as many- buy things I need on the internet.
That means that
a) this situation is helping other economies to develop but the local one and always sideways.
b) comparing to the descenting rate of my(f.i.) income,I would be living under the same standards as I do now with the same inflation etc,in case we exited the euro.
c) a national currency puts an halt to any territorial doubts

So why would I be a euro fanatic.
Or even worse,why would I be so so so damn scared every time Mrs. Merkel threatens me that she’s going to kick me out of the EZ.
She as anybody,can’t take more from someone who has nothing else to give!.

Supposing they do kick me out .Am I to feel scared?
I already live with Humans Rights’ violation and severe one.Nobody asked me If I agree with what they vote.I find out that nothing has been signed and everything is still “under negotiation”
So I negotiate my own future.I want out of the Referendum and the IMF because I strongly believe I can make it no matter the difficulties.
Which,by the way,will be less,not for me but for my children,comparing to a lasting austerity to 2040.
I already work more hours per week than the average European,I really don’t mind working more for my family’s secure future.
I already live in insecurity,I don’t mind feeling insecure in a secure country.
Sooner or later the light at the end of the tunnel will show up.
What I fear isn’t the difficulties,but the ones scared of the difficulties.

6 days before the most critical elections.We deserve a leader with guts to stop the fragmentation of an entire nation,to yell ‘That’s enough” and to tell us what we really need to do to put this country together again with no dictatorship-ish organizations on our backs.

I’m not an optimist by nature.In this very case I am.I’d rather face the tough side and stay independent than be on the rough side and enslaved.
And if,I,that I am not an optimist,say that,why a percentage of my fellow country men are so afraid of any change..I don’t get it.
I have no bank accounts abroad or off-shore ones and the current bank state stole everything I used to own.I still don’t doubt that I,as everybody,will make it.
6 days to rock the global markets.
Somebody will profit and somebody will loose,but finally somebody will have won a war against the set up money games,and that somebody will be us,all of us.And you,in UK and everywhere in Europe too,no more lies about paying extra taxation to save poor Greeks.
It’s a shame they use such lies and it’s a shame we don’t react to those lies.
Euro paradise was dead the day it was born.Now let’s get out of there all of us.

No more lecturing about Argentina or Brazil,those were totally different cases.As I am not an analyst,I won’t get into that.I am just calculating what’s the most beneficiary for everybody.
If the local politicians sold out everything,even myself,I will rebuild everything.
And those who are still afraid,allow me to remind them that development won’t drop from the IMF- Merkel sky.
But don’t you dare tell my children they owe any money!

All the best!


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