Hey there again.
I was busy lately,I was trying to understand who sneaked into my mind’s labyrinth and gained control of my own “free” will .How the hell they pressed the correct button and I’ve been following the sheep for quite some time.
The procedure was tough,not to understand the method that was a piece of cake.. The Awakening procedure was painful.

One day I woke up speaking russian,the next one,I woke up speaking japanese.. the third day I could speak fluently africaans.
Normally I started wondering what if there were no frontiers on this earth,maybe we could really speak all those languages
Wishful thinking you may add.
One day I woke up and a voice in my head whispered
“Hey we set a sort of elections for you but if you vote,it will get only worse.If you vote we will sow more fear in your mind and terrorize your friends and family with a blackened future and with the possibility of chaos.But if you still insist to vote,it’s your democratic right,we feel the need to escort you,to make sure you won’t get misled”

I took the subway to get there,everyone was facing to the same direction of the carrier.
“Rings a bell,an experiment or something”

I climbed up the staircase and entered the building.Police and military everywhere,faceless lethal puppets with guns in their stretched out hands.

“What’s going on..”
” What happens when people with no control go against people IN control”

I entered the private room with all this paperwork and the envelop,of the sacred kind,not the normal one.
I scrolled through the printed sheet of paper,found the-against-the-flow one,sealed the envelop and followed the democratic ritual under the horrified glances of the supervising committee.

“Now what’s wrong”

Nothing was wrong.Just the envelop that was transparent.As I was all those transparent years I had lived till this transparent Sunday.
X-rayed citizen with a controlled mind and a ripped out plug that used to be mine.


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