X-Rayed II

I am not an analyst.Just fed up. Allow me to ramble for a while before I go out in the streets screaming my lungs off.
I do live in Greece.I belong to no political party,I trust nobody of all those new coming saviors that showed up recently to save the country after they sank it.I trust no blind folded people bearing a blue or green tag of the two major parties.

( Speaking of parties,I think we really deserve to hold an open party..maybe on the 7th of May who knows)

I trust no big fancy words of any looser spokesman that practically places a gun to any shaky hand to help them kill themselves promising a rosy afterlife through the self sacrifice.Reminds of any kind of sect that requires human sacrifices to be fed from.
I trust no oxymoron that’s spoken in a wooden language.I trust no people that are willing to live on promises and then they are protesting against their own foolishness.

I do trust people who are aware and clear for their reason of protest.Who are aware that their voices won’t reach the deaf ears yet they insist occupying the streets.I trust the people who are imagining the future in 10 years.

I trust myself not repeating the same mistakes.I am aware of my own responsibility.

Power has one characteristic,they can put a gun to anyone’s head,pull the trigger and then wipe a fake plastic tear running down from the steel eyes.Oh and make sure the camera is recording you for the 8 o’clock news.

I’ve demonstrated for peace.Yet wars occurred.
I’ve protested for human rights.Yet they kept being violated.
I’ve shouted in front of government buildings no matter the country.They had air conditioning- do not open the windows.
I’ve inhaled smoke & tear gas.Yet it was always my fault.

So I turned to writing common stuff.

I am not a hero or an extremely active citizen.But i see some years after today.. after the current year.
War scenarios ,poverty and famine,terrorizing people all over the world.Unstable countries and others that show as stable unstable currencies and every body as an expert with an opinion behind the safety and the anonymity of a (smoke) screen
Everybody unfolding theories of what was to be done,what was never done and what is supposed to be done.
Yet people are getting killed every day and our global society is going down.
Everywhere we see there’s chaos,yes one more factor to use as a terrorizing weapon.

“What would you do if there’s chaos ..”
“What would you do if we can’t pay salaries & pensions”
“What would you do without us”

We are living an unknown war.For the first time in history,the enemy are the governments.
Most countries have constitutional dictatorship.
They impose bills without their people knowing.
They impose organizations to monitor us.
They impose anything to control our minds and to implant the fear .

They create civil unrest to any place it serves them to keep it under control.
And then they are fooling us with set up elections,a show for kids to get the gift toy afterwards.
This time it’s a NO.
No toys,we’ve graduated.

Once I’ve read somewhere on the Internet those wise words:
“People are writing when they are deprived from their freedom”

I don’t remember who wrote that.Sorry.It’s not my quote.I have an extremely mediocre mind to generate wise thoughts.


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