X-rayed again

I was listening to Pink Floyd then the Berlin Wall was torn down and so did our dreams too.I remember the times that we needed a passport to travel through the European countries.Our roles were so defined without a single doubt.Everybody crossing the borderline was a tourist.Their issues left behind to their own countries.
Life was so easier.People were so much easier.Everything had a simple definition under a certain flag and with a certain culture.No blames for the culture each one carried along with their back bags,it was a heritage they didn;t wish to get rid of ,everybody was leaving eventually and everything was back to normal.
Anybody was able to visit any European country with no tags on their t-shirts.Totally free of their domestic burden anybody could show their passport to the customs and enjoy a couple of days in another country.. maybe get to know the locals.. exchange a couple of broken words in the local language.. sight seeing
Pre- EU Europe was glorious.Easy going and lovely.Most of all,the balancing factor of global peace.The intermediate stop to the railway of nuclear threat .Ronald Reagan and Boris Yeltsin.Figures not to be forgotten comparing to the present ones.
Proud countries,proud citizens and nothing to separate.

Sunny Spain,Las Valearidas,Barcelona and Madrid,flourishing,indepedent secure.The Prado and El Greco´s Toledo.The Alhambra castle for everyone to visit.Flamenco grief,Joaquin Cortez and mediterranean sun.
U2,The Cranberries,Massive Attack,Seal huge head phones in the 90’s listening to the ancient huge red Walkmans.1984 the first Sony ones I happened to stumble upon in Florence..Italy..Den Harrow,Memories of Mad Desire and Italo disco.
I remember crossing former Yugoslavia on a tourist bus with no air conditioning,no lemons to carry with no sugar or coffee.. monopoly.. a stop outside Beograd,God just to visit the ladies’ room costed 20 drachmas!Making a stop in a village outside Ljubljana past midnight,a tiny village with hay roofs Jesus that was before 1990,bumps of the heads on the bus roof thanks to the country road .. it was around 1985.Italy exchange: from the Greek Drachma to the Italian Liretta ( spell check: double T or not)..Looking desperately for an exchange kiosk.Buying useless stuff at the mercado or at the Arno Bridge stores..Losing our way in the twisting narrow streets trying to find the meeting point with no GPS.
I remember the famous Autostrada in Trieste,wow I’d never seen such a straight wide highway.
Don’t forget I was born in a small town in the north of Argentina.
The malls in Trieste selling the Toblerone white chocolates.. Ain’t Nobody,Chaka Khan
The Venice depression,the Lido di Jesolo sunlight and the Cathedral of Florence,San Marino looking downwards to the valley,Rimini,the hotel was next to the railway station..
Then back to Greece.Same road same bumps of the heads.. but with precious acquirement: Bananas! Tons of Bananas!
Greece’s Monopoly!
Take the tour to the past..
Doesn’t it sound so so funny now that we all live in Europe of Hatred?
I really miss those years.I miss THAT Europe.


4 responses to “X-rayed again

  1. Your description of Europe is the same many Europeans recall and one they love. Embrace the difference was a particular favourite rallying call of mine, long lost in the mists of Europeanisation. People are much the same the world over, family focused and hoping their children enjoy a better life than they did, perhaps guilty of sometimes forgetting just how good their lives are.

    The past isn’t so far away Lorenzo and can come back, but only in smaller steps with smaller communities, smaller government and smaller controls. The 1% people are so fond of demonising want the same as you or I, they have children too. Understand that it is only .01% of the 1% that are sick of mind and seek power above all else. The Israeli child enjoys the same love of a parent as an Argentinian child even if the spoken language may differ.

    A world full of sameness offers nothing to no one, just more of the same.

    New World Order or Galatic Federations are the nonsense of bi-polarists, confused by their own interpretation of a truth that exists just in their mind.

    A child offers hope to everyone, both now and in the future, for nothing else matters, not really. A mothers love is the strongest emotional bond we know, maybe that is the flaw in Frau Merkel’s approach, never having been blessed with children, her tough love is a little too unforgiving.

    Do not hate her, for she knows not any other way, she believes she is right and that it is best for everyone.

    Greece needs to leave the Euro and return to being Greece and give Angela her moment of chastisement before coming to Greece’s aid, whilst she may not be a mother she is still a Christian with Christian beliefs even if I’m a non believer myself.

    Be well

    • my dear I truly agree but I am not Frau whatever.I have kids. we do love to dance, as any parent would do with their children.We have latin- Argentinean blood which cant be stopped from flowing,THIS is FR. Merkel’s business! I pay for everyones bads! and so my kids
      I dont care aboute the Frauhlein.. who would
      She doesnt care for me or my kids.She or her mates ruined my family back in Argentina and now here.So who”s wrong… the Greeks.. the Argentineans.. the Ecuatorians.. the mexicans.. the spaniards…WHO THE HELL IS WRONG AND WHO IS RIGHT !

      • and I of all people I do beiieve Greece needs to leave the euro.But theres a certain amount of hatred planted into the people’s hears.Who is going to solve that? Greece leaving the EZ? I strongly doubt it

  2. Your unshakeable belief that Frau Merkel doesn’t care is the Achilles heel of those avoiding reality.

    I thought you were different…………

    You need to be different Lorenzo or you simply walk the path of the downtrodden…..!

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