One of those days

I am experiencing the worst death ever.
Lack of will,lack of inspiration,lack of words literally.

Lack of courage,a day totally wasted.

I should be painting and I am not.

I should be thinking and I am not
Today I feel so trapped in cliches that I so avoid.
Today I wish I had been blessed with Ignorance.

And if I were,

Tomorrow I’d wake up in remorse


18 responses to “One of those days

      • There is one and only one place in the world were I find my self.
        Some times I am able to contribute in unberdening other peoples from their unsatisfied needs or troubles. Their look in their eyes is characteristically deep and clean. That look in their eyes is the one and only place in the world were I find my self.

    • I understand.
      I think that, missing our self and finding him into others, is the greatest gift of life.
      But that gift will not be given to us. We shall have to earn it.
      Ingratitude on behalf of others is an indication that we have chosen wrong of who to offer our service. Our wrong choices is our problem and not of others.
      Missing our self could urge us, to go out there and learn how to discriminate between true and egoistic needs of others.
      Missing our self, on the other hand, could immobilize us into introversion.
      In this blessed part of our planet what could be more beautiful than, people who are missing their self, seeking each other, meeting each other and finally, fulfilling each other’s needs?

      • True,if we were seeking each other,this place wouldn;t be such a mess.
        I was selfish by looking only at my own feelings.
        I have to admit my days go shorter and I really need to feel them instead of letting them go by.
        Dscrimination is -unfortunately- in my daily thesaurus.Pity,I thought it was a long lost word.
        Or maybe not.
        At least I did one good deed .For whoever knows how to appreciate it.

      • “At least I did one good deed .For whoever knows how to appreciate it.”

        What do you mean?

    • Are, the beneficiaries of your daring offering, informed of your selfless service towards them?
      If not, how could they, appreciate what you did for them, express their gratitude and if they can, compensate for?

  1. I ;d never ever point out what I might have risked or what the further benefits might be.
    And I dont expect any gratitude,I am just trying to help out
    Maybe that’s why today i felt so ” blocked”

    • My teacher, many years before, has told me metaphorically that, “the door of the paradise can be opened by any of the two keys: expressing gratitude and asking for forgiveness”.
      Maybe, the most important and personality building occasions in my life was, both, when I expressed my gratitude to others (and when I asked for forgiveness).
      How would you feel if you were deprived from an opportunity to express your sincere gratitude (or to humbly ask for forgiveness)?
      What makes a human relation stronger than expressing gratitude (and asking for forgiveness)?
      This place won’t remain such a mess if we give each other chances for sharing our feelings and our good deeds.

      • If i had no chance to say at least “thank you” i;d be feeling terribly.
        I won;t lie to build up a better lie.But human relations seem to have stepped back in front of the global scenarios and sometimes I as many,I feel so Insignigicant in front of all those changes chasing us around even in our dreams.
        You can blame me for that.It’s my human nature.
        I feel I;ve totally lost my personality

      • I agree with you about “thanking” and about those global scenarios.
        I will not blame you for anything and I share with you the same human nature along with its weaknesses.
        Your answers reflect an wonderful personality that makes chatting with you a privilege.

  2. Oh the priviledge is all mine and i feel I am exploiting it,sorry

    I am just trying to wake up the masses and it;s not working out.Maybe I should quit trying.
    All blames are to be counted on persons like me & you.We who care.
    Pity.It’d have been a great world

    • Generaly speaking, if we have done all that we were obliged to do then we should quit trying despite the results of our efforts.
      There is the element of time. Good things happen when both, we have fulfilled our obligations towards others and the right time has come. We should be patient and wait for yours efforts to blossom.
      Our world includes a lot of human suffering. And also include a lot of bliss.
      With all those terrible thinks happening around us, we have the freedom and the joy of having such a heartily discussion with each other. The little world that we have both build within your blog is nothing else than a great world.

      “I am just trying to wake up the masses and it’s not working out.”

      What do you mean?

  3. Oh means nothing else than trying to make them see where the entire game is.
    Nothing severe or “unknown”
    I am truly glad I managed to create a world in my blog- with your help.
    If you weren’t paying attention to my wonderings,this “world” would have never be created.
    A “thank you” time just arrived
    And Thanks for that

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