You take the blue pill-the story ends,you wake up in your bed and you believe w/e you want to believe.You take the red pill,stay in Wonderland and you find out how deep the rabbit hole goes
Rarely quoting movies unless they have something more to offer than visual effects.
I watched The Matrix 6 times just to understand fully the hidden meanings regarding a rotten “future” society that now came up to date and it was realized with certain delay.
I watched the V to understand how a master plan can be set in such a glorious way,an effective master plan where everybody isn’t obeying any more to idiotic and oppressive bills and laws.Where the Idea can defeat an established system.

I used to give up whenever somebody was thinking i am living in the Never Never Land
I don’t give up anymore.
I chose the red pill a long time ago and the rabbit hole wasn’t exactly a joy ride.
On the other,no pain no gain.
When the single gain in a globally corrupt society,is to develop this very Idea that the governments should be afraid of the people.
But the focus is set on the materialistic gain.
Which is pure air for many of us.It belongs to any government but us.
Our peace of mind belongs to governments,to any kind of government.

We are beyond the Big Brother,we are living in an undefined dimension we didn’t choose to.
Trapped in the blue pill: obey,follow the trends,follow the leaders,work,pay,have a family,and repeat:I am free

I wish I had such a strong will to fight for this Idea,I wish people with no guns would be brave enough to stand up against people with guns.Guns mean lack of vision,no guns mean a whole new perspective opening in front of our very eyes,right here and right now.

This is the very reason i decided to post randomly.Grabbing the last chance left to endue the Idea with peaceful means and determination.
Most possible,failure is awaiting at the end of the tunnel.

Famine,obedience,TV shows watched frantically,guided news papers,poverty,anxiety,crime,war,unreasonable death,lives monitored :
Exactly what wasn’t supposed to be happening if this world was so perfect as presented .

I consider this hidden imperfection to spread the Idea and sow it in the mind of every single person,if there is really even a remote chance for every single one of us,to put en end to all that deprives us from enjoying the little time we spend on this Earth.
The blue pill effects don’t last for ever.There is always time for us to realize that the blue pill only projects what they want us to see.
Imperfection as Perfection
Lies as the only Truth.

Vendetta:a long-running argument or fight between parties
I chose side: i just don’t like what they represent
Game Over.Try Again?

Fitch Ratings is killing people



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