Topic of the century-Personal Freedom

I am certainly not equipped to analyze such a vast topic.
All i do,besides having a formed opinion- is read and suffer the consequences.
ACTA,SOPA,PIPA,NSA and all the bollocks that are monitoring our personalities and our online whereabouts.
The majority of the citizens still refuse to see the obvious:That our lives are being monitored by agencies we don’t even know.
My inbox is flooded with reports,protests and petitions.
Well I think now it’s quite late,isn’t it.Most of the countries have voted in favour.
How else could they ever know what we are viewing,liking,when we are gong to bed or when we are meeting our significant other.
Still bollocks in capital letters.
Only that the bollocks have hands and some times they type instead of me,or they forward to unknown sources what i am e-mailing,or following me on Twitter or i don’t know what else as my imagination is more pure than the imagination of those who really run the correction facilities.

Do not stand outside the yellow line
You can almost hear the speakers in the global ghetto we are living in.

Please follow the white line and you will be rewarded with a white fence property
Penetrating the night serenity

Do no attempt to step out of the perimeter
Convenient keeping the sheep together,they are more easy to control.

Alert:Your favorite TV show starts in 10 minutes
Wow that’s quite an effective alarm clock.

Yet,it’s not a scenario anymore.It’s reality and a harsh one.Most live it happily and experience it like a stroll to the nearest mall.
I am really sad to inform them,it’s not a stroll,it’s a cell a wide one with no visible bars that they can’t escape.
Some locked up by ignorance,some by indifference,some against their will
The bottom line is still the same.We lost the control we were supposed to maintain.

Maybe the end of the society as known? I honestly don’t know and I won’t play the role of one more Cassandra.

Speaking of which,Cassandra’s Crossing.. please do rewind and watch this prophetic movie.
Then I might stop posting theories that are known but aren’t familiar to deal with

Meanwhile,keep it safe and Do not step outside the perimeter.
Keep it extremely safe and Do think alike.


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