Verba Volant

The hardest thing to do is to open up knowing that nobody cares.On the other hand I couldn’t care less.

Sounds familiar I know,it’s the mere truth.I met you a long long time ago,you were lost in the world I got lost too.

We found each other years after,after a huge series of meetings than never happened,even blind dates,concerts that we both were attending but we were always missing each other.Years after all the marks on both of us were too visible,we had left our pride and our defenses aside when we were talking to each other.Our arguments fierce and our mutual trust reborn in a certain level.

It was always the world against us.Seems that the world is still against us.Instead of moving forward we are both stuck exactly at the same point,the same places,the same circumstances with no exit signs.I am walking in the dark and you walk towards the end of the tunnel.You wish you could help me .I don’t want any help right now.You stretch the hand out to cover the distance separating us and the screen turns black.I have to switch off the computer.

How many times we came that close feeling like one,how many times we were willing to unify our lives when imponderable factors were always putting obstacles in our way.

Love conquers all I agree but nobody can live on love and you know that as well as I.In betwenn suicides,ignorance,lost opportunities,hatred,depression,aggressiveness and nerd talk,in between laughs and tears it has always been you and me.Maybe if I had agreed a year ago,maybe today wouldn’t be another dead end.


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