Today is a sunny day,tomorrow will be stormy

(written in 3/11/2011)

Here in Caracas it’s 6.10am over  there must be like 1pm,same sunny day but they,over there are facing true poverty within Eurozone.And in 2 days i will be back home again


How can this possibly happen I still can’t understand it.I left  Greece two days ago certain enough that default had been avoided in a country of 12 million people  stressed out as they’d never imagine,enraged as someone can be,ready to take their anger out not to shop owners but to the responsible ones: the “elected “ ones.. The chosen few and  their  mates who robbed the national  treasure and now they beg  for money  Merkel or Sarkozy playing the macho guy role,or they threat to   let the country. ( i mean  listen to that- official BBC) go.(They should)


First time I set foot in this corner of Europe was in 1991 assigned by the company I was working for… Everybody was making a decent living,no stress more than the normal,each  household with a shitload of mortgages,loans all the goodies of a capitalistic system but they had no stress in paying their obligation.The market was flourishing in very reasonable prices.Everything  was so corresponding to a future EZ country with a strong currency.


Meanwhile I left Greece and lived in Brazil where poverty hits red.When I retired my first choice  was Greece: Sunny,welcoming,easy going.. reminding me of my own country which faced default in 2001.So I came back to Greece.No loans or mortgages.No more financial obligations more than the known domestic/professional ones.


Smooth and still sunny.All of the sudden last April there was a rapid change of scenery.The politicians “remembered” there was a 200 billion national debt and the Armageddon  burst out.

Who is to be blamed,what to do,should we exit Eurozone: politics’ bullshit when extra taxation and inflation and unemployement was tapping on our doors.Yet none of the chosen few said no to  their own salary raises none of them faced justice for the relentless robbery of 12 million people.

And then Eurozone invaded the country like back in 1940(world war II) the  range of starvation is present. Not only people living under the poverty line,but even schoolmates of my own children:  they ask my kids to share their lunch at school because their parents are unemployed.It’s true.. the first time my own children told me,I was  speechless.When I saw  common meals for the residents of a former luxurious suburb of the second largest city in Greece,I was horrified.

Even though right now I am sitting at a nice  sunny porch in developing Venezuela ,enjoying  a cup of coffee as the day dawns,but obviously I will have to go back.. I am too involved in this so as soon as I came back from the celebration of  “de los muertos” I asked to turn on the tv and watch the cable greek news  channel( I watched the news in BBC too but all I heard of is Greeks are lazy,thieves blah blah,as if the people are to be blamed for state mismanagement and not the ones in charge),so I watched the greek  channel( Ant1 Australia) and I was like heck  ain’t going back..


Eurozone decided to  “drive” Greece to default,greek government placed a plan of 20 years of BLOOD DRAINING FOR EVERYBODY ( no matter if their citizens or just residing) ,Greek government claims the state has money until end of November  when It takes money & taxes even from the kids’  bottled juice.


More horrified when I heard that the leaders of the Armed Forces had been “removed from their duties”  within a night( obviously there was a military act on the move) .Funny but I who lived one of the most harsh dictatorships in the globe,In Argentina( along with Chile) I ,along with some of the 12 million mentioned,we were praying for a military act straightening the country’s route.If not the military,somebody who has the balls to lead the country out of the BS and the lies.


I know most of you don’t even care.That all is so alien to you.But to develop a global conscience you all need to understand that what is happening here or there might affect your way of life in a short time term.


It is exactly like the planet system our earth is  belonging to.Because we ruined the planet,the other planets can’t simply tell us to separate our galactic position.They’d be crashing onto each other.So is global economy.But as always, people have to pay for the broken marble,people who didn’t have a chance or a remote thought of sharing the official loot.

And when I will go back to Greece,I will be having like one million extra taxation notifications at my P.O box.I am thinking very seriously in moving out from there.On the other hand,that would be equal to unconditional surrender.

I wonder if any of the Euro-leaders  sleeps at night when they are so aware that they themselves are the reason of an unbelievable poverty rate in a natural sources rich country.


So the game played on our backs is the acres for Germany to build its’ photovoltaic systems? The oil in Aegean sea? The entire Eurozone failed at its financial plan looking for a scapegoat and Greece shows up instead of Italy or Spain or even France?Probably all the 4 countries will follow simply by taking turns on the death chair.


The conclusion is one: whoever the scapegoat is,it’s not the name of the country,it is the people who form the name of that country.And it’s a shame that  Euro Leaders  claim that they believe in democracy when they tore down  the cradle of democracy.Democracy  has a deeper meaning than screwing  the people of a country: democracy is about respect to the institutions everybody votes for,and the greeks never voted for their own default.

Less i. Yet I can’t move out of here even though I appreciate my british friends’ offer.. as much as my aunt’s here in Venezuela.I will have to go back and probably face poverty as I was raised  in my hometown. Ursula Buendia ( Gabriel García Márquez) was right.No matter what you do,time is always moving in circles


( not expecting you to vote for,most possible against )

Posted on a social network I am still moderating,nooo  it’s not Facebook God forbid!

As this entry is quite old and obviously I am back and the facts are changing rapidly,within hours I’d say,some of what I have written of course aren’t valid anymore.My apologies for that.The bottom line remains though.My only objection to my fellow Greek citizens is that by placing guillotines, the problem won’t be solved.By recycling the past,the future is getting blocked.And more blur than what it is right now.By repeating the same curses,there is no space left  for the mind to think and,collectively,move forward as a country or a nation or both of them.By repeating the same odes to the past,nothing changes for the future.And our children will grow up,have their own families,grow old and have their own grand children,still in debt and oweing “air money” to the banksters.

This is not the solution.I see only one: put our minds and skills together to find a way to get out of this mess,and there are still ways.Maybe we could show the way to other countries that are in the same mess as we,or getting dangerously  close to it .I don’t know.I am not an analyst unfortunately not even an economist. I just realize the situation as it is and I still am aware of facts that led to this point.


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