77 years old commiting suicide in front of Democracy and the Constitution.

Well,I couldn’t resist but to post a reply on the BBC page.But I won’t be accepting any phone calls from their journalists never again,because when they were calling me before the Papadimos placement as puppet PM,my opinion was never heard.

And here it is

“I am not surprised and none of the MSM should be surprised too.This is what you should be expecting from people in despair,the next thing you should be expecting is a social revolution which in this case is belated unfortunately.With the new austerity measures as i have been informed from outside the country sources,soon we the greeks,will be committing mass suicide altogether.Instead of imposing extreme austerity to the people,the EZ should be dragging the responsible ones to the Hague ICJ,this is a crime against people if nobody can’t get it.And a correction,please.The clashes as registered are not even clashes or riots or whatever you call it.This is how people are reacting when are being pushed to poverty.While the ministers,current or former,are living luxuriously i mean some common sense here!I read and I personally have been bullied as “the greek thief not paying  taxes” when others -and you know who- have looted the country ,and not only from this country:interconnected  interests all over the Mediterranean Sea
Shame on the EZ & the greek so called leaders,pity for hard working people who are in such a dead end and they shoot themselves in front of the Parliament,in front of the Constitution itself”


Whoever would like to post a comment ,use the link.


I’d suggest to hold back your justified anger and to remember we are a civilzed nation..The last we want right now is to be tagged as “riotists” besides of “thieves” i mean wake up Europe & World and smell the coffee..it really stinks.


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