for you? No..
Broken i do feel but not damaged. Hatred is equal to love sometimes but that, only you could fix and you were so unwilling.You are smiling when i feel betrayed.. you say everything is okay yet all the evidence is filling the air that I breathe. You might be thinking i can’t make it without you but,believe me I can.I wont be crying on my pillow at night.. I wont be slitting my veins for you.. The blood that runs in my veins worth more than one million lies.

I will be smiling coldly when you will see me next time.And i will be triumphantly over everything that ever had to do with you.

Weird but i don’t even feel the urge to harm you.Maybe it’s a healing sign.Your spell on me didn’t last for long..Seeing you would be the same as going to the stand to buy my smokes.. but the ash goes straight to the fireplace just like your memory.And that of all the good times we used to have.
It’s winter time and the cold breeze embraces me more warmly that your own.Your eyes were always so still and so lacking expression,like snake eyes.. staring and lurking after the victim.

But right now I am free.I don’t even feel sad or threatened.I am free of all memories and flash backs.
I do not wish to relive any past happy time with you..Moving forward finally.. with or without you most possible without you.

I am not going to die for you in a bath tub filled with my veins’ blood, I am not even gonna waste a single second of my precious life just to go back and forth and all that for nothing.
All offenses taken,you never deserved me.. Sorry to be the one to hurt your feelings now.. It’s part of the flash backs..

Maybe YOU should be slitting your veins for loosing me .. follow me.. the bathroom is this way sweetheart,I will always be there for you even in your last breath


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