Pilgrims in the mist

Clearing his throat as the image of a siren came into focus through the smoke filled room ,Have we met somewhere berore miss…er … TYPER ? … you seem to remind me … nevermind its impossible ..unless … have you ever been to kathmandu …

I have been in many places professor… excuse me? i didn’t catch the name,excuse me.
I even don’t know where I am right now.Maybe you know how this place is called?
It would be helping me a lot you know.
So you have been in Kathmandu? What on earth were you doing up there?

It’s Longman … professor Longman … i was engaged in some lets just say experimental research.

here.. ? i was going to ask you the same thing my dear … i got off the train a few stops past Glasgow … but i don’t recognize anything …. the storm seems quite intense .. but so quiet ? i really am quite disorientated miss Typer … if i may be so bold ? … do you have a christian name ???

Oh Professor Longman you really disappoint me!A christian name means what to you?
I can tell we are both lost in the middle of a storm,isn’t that right? Maybe I should ask the bartender of the name of this place..
Until you provide a sufficient answer,Professor Longman..

By the way do you really have a christian name?

And she heavily walked to the bar with a half lit cigarette and a blank glaze in the eyes as an abandoned dancer from the past

Well its actually not christian to be exact ..
the bar is closed my dear … i noticed on the way in ….

My dear Professor,she answered turning her head towards his ,grinning lethally,the bar is still open.
Would you like to have a drink?The bartender is still serving and maybe you would like to take a sit over here with everybody else.
It’s not polite for anyone.I am really surprised.

I know the music is quite loud but on the other hand what’s a bar with no music… unless you were looking for a pub?

And she continued walking towards the open bar,making her way through the loud crowd

Watching her walk to the far wall of the deserted waiting room, he wondered what was going on in this place ,her footsteps echoed on the cold stone floor and stopped abruptly as she stood staring at the wall on the far side .Not wanting to make her feel uneasy he met her smile and sauntered over dodging imaginary patrons and cupping his ears to hear her over “the crowd”… I will have the same as you .. he bellowed .. his deep voice reverberating from the damp brickwork and crumbling ceiling…. he thought to himself and added Make mine a double….

Miss Typer stopped at the bar,placed both her arms on the bench and she tried to focus on the professor.She wondered if his mind wasn’t following his conscience but then she shrugged the shoulders the I don’t Care gesture.
The bartender approached her and,smiling,he asked her kindly what she would be having.
“May i ask the name of this place,please? I will have a vodka shot and I guess the same for that weird guy over there in the corner?”

“Sorry Miss but I don’t see anyone over there.” the bartender replied..” hey Joe you saw anybody coming in” he asked a man enjoying his pint.

No mate,nobody since i arrived- Joe’s drunken answer to the bartender- hey miss care to join me? said to Typer but she waved her hand slightly,thanked the bartender and she walked back to the professor with the drinks in her hand,making her way back through the crowd

As Miss Typer Turned around with a confused look in her eye ,she appeared to be holding a glass in each hand ..he walked the last 2 steps towards her and reached a hand outwards… his breath instantly turning to vapour as it hit the cold air as he thanked her for the drink… his hand grasped something cool and smooth ..he recoiled in shock and the sound of breaking glass greeted his ears a moment later ..and the dull echo confused him further …. his gaze met miss Typer’s who was also looking confused … where the fuck are we ? he stammered?

Miss Typer walked to where Longman was sitting, holding the glasses in her hands.She wasn’t concerned of anything,in fact she was wondering why the bartender never told her of the name of that weird place hidden by a rain curtain.Suddenly she saw Longman standing up dressed in an iced aura and she felt a cold breeze in her hair.She tried to say something but her breath hold still in the air,as if she could even touch her own unspoken words.She stretched her hand to give the glass to Longman but she felt it like a broken stalactite.
Longman was flying towards her and she stood still frozen with fear.Who was he? Why nobody couldn’t see him? What he wanted from her.. she regretted even introducing herself to this mysterious man.

She tried to step back from him but she couldn’t move her feet,when Longman touched her stretched out hand.It felt like the grasp from the grave.She looked behind him totally horrified.
His aura was multiplying filling the entire warm bar with its cold slight wind.

Still wondering how on earth he managed to drop a shot glass from somebody’s vivid imagination…. he couldn’t deny feeling the vessels presence….. and hearing the damn thing shatter on the stone paving slabs… He was caught in an uncomfortable dilemma…. should he offer to go to the “bar”…. and ask the “barmaid”?…. for another… This was getting crazy..and fast…. Ooops!!!! , he finally managed to blurt out … my hands are still a little cold from being outside on the platform …. Hoping like hell miss Typer would save the day and offer to get the replacement …. He stooped down to recover the fragmented glassware amongst the rapidly cooling liquid puddles …I will clean this mess up … I am so clumsy in the presence of beautiful women … he added nervously….

His heart was beating erratically as his face came within inches of her stocking clad and well toned legs …. must be a dancer he thought to himself as he sneaked a look upwards … his eyes met a firm behind and further still a grinning miss Typer …. now THAT’S a smile he thought ….

I need to get a decent night’s rest she said to herself.I must be seeing things or it must be the long drive from Aberdeen.There is no such thing as aura this is all that nirvana stuff,I have a square mind and i am not projecting to space ,yet his hand was felling so cold so lifeless. And nobody noticed him entering the bar.What the hell!

Maybe i should pretend walking back to the bar to replace the spilled drink and get the hell out of here,find a hotel or something and get a good rest.. This guy freaks me out i swear!

She smiled at Longman who was trying to pick up the pieces of the shattered glass thinking why she always had to deal with so clumsy and silly men.She took a step back to free her legs from his stare thinking Hell what’s his problem!He hasn’t ever met a woman before?

She stepped back still smiling,turned around slowly feeling her back burning from those eyes fixed on her and walked again to the bar.

She reached the bench as soon as the bartender bent over it with a seductive smile,asking her how he could help her.

One more vodka shot please and excuse me for the broken glass,she replied
Don’t worry,the bartender replied,it’s not the first nor the last..She smiled,stepped back and headed to the ladies’ room.
As soon as she was out of everybody’s sight,she opened the emergency exit door and stepped out in the frozen alley.Dark humid semi lighted and scary,she tighten her feasts and walked towards the main entrance where she had parked her car.
She remembered she had parked it right after the bus stop but she couldnt see the bus sign with so much rain hitting on her face like sweet tears.

She found herself in the parking lot but “Hell where are all the cars parked here?” she exclaimed
there was no sign of any car..not even hers..she rushed to the bus station to look at the next arrival.. but she couldn’t find the sign..Trying to run she slipped in the mud..she stood up cursing her bad luck”fuck my life” she spoke her mind up

she slid her way to the bar entrance.. gave a strong push at the door..stepped inside tossing her wet hair.. gave a glance at everybody looking at her.

Longman was walking towards her

(part of an online role play,which led to a book )


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