She has trouble sleeping at night..wakes up past midnight.. twisting on the bed sweating between the sheets..the moon light bathing her in a whiteish sparkling light tearing up the dark ambient..probably hurting her eyes too.. warming up her entire existence.. dreaming with eyes widen open..waiting for Morpheus arrival once again.. to carry her in his gentle arms to the Oblivion land of dreams..every tiny sound wakes her up.. the slightest squeak.. a distant howling creature.. wrapped in alleged safety and moonlight.. covers her eyes while sheltering the body underneath the sheets.. wrinkled from her sweat.. a sudden night breeze swings the curtains to an alien rythm.. walking towards the porch stares outside to find what is keeping her awake.. yet it is still not there.. tears the curtains reaching out to touch nothing at all..just a moonlit night full of shadows ,her nightmares and her hopes.

Rolls down the stairway barefoot carrying the midnight light with her.. walking through walls and doors.. “there is no obstacle to detain me from reaching you.. she thinks as she sways through the semi lighted ambient.. I am not going to haunt your mind.. she thought.. but please stop haunting away with me .. even if you are asleep.. even if you are awake as I am.. I am going to walk over this moon shaft just to reach you.. you,of all creatures..I am going to reach you.. caress,hold and love…find peace in your my mind in your embrace.. Endless sleepless nights.The moon in full circle and her,watching it..from full moon to nothing… and back again.. dressed in darkness and light at the same’s 3am.. and i am still wandering..trying so hard to invade your thoughts and make them mine.. as If they were’s 4am and I am still awake..waiting in vain for you to show up through the entrance.. the moon is hiding behind the heavy clouds..maybe a thunder with your name instead of that mellow moonlight.. instead of that peacefull night.. a sudden stroke in the middle of the quitness

Help me find some peace of mind.. help me rest my restless soul seeking the unknown..exploring wonderous night ways in smal hours.. help me get out of this labirynth.. where i Only can find you .looking for you where you aren’t..reaching out for you when you are slipping through my fingers.. just like sand.. slipping just like sand in the are never there.. you slid right through my fingers and i have nothing to hold on to.walking in vain all over this place looking for a tiny grain of sand.

Hoping that it would be you.. reaching the porch rail.. grasping it , bathed in the full moon light.. stroking her eyes harsh..but you weren’t.. never..and i am left here fighting with the nights..When You are all around me.. but I can’t touch you..


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