Being an artist in a “restricted ” country

As i already said in my Bio Page,I live in Greece.Doesn’t really matter if I am a Greek or not.The fact is that,after my retirement from the oil company i was working for,I decided to live here.It was a country I had already met from business assignments and blood relations.The impressions left in me were that I just wanted to spent the rest of my life in this sunny embrace,surrounded by smiling people.

No big harm done until the year I moved back here.Everything was still cheap,at least cheaper than in London where i was living.All of the sudden,among a taxation storm that hit all of us all of the sudden,everything was out of reach.. but.. I don’t own a car,I have no mortrages to worry about,I was paying all my taxes every year,so in my british-built mind,everything was fine.
In the Argentine back part of my brain something was wrong.
The wrong part was defined pretty soon: same old bank games.

So,I can’t get any art supplies,I can’t have any meds,I can’t do anything oops sorry the power went out well signs of a corrupt political system,sorry,IT’S NOT MY FAULT nor that i haven’t been paying my taxes!In fact the contrary,I have been paying so many taxes that the power is going out
Now where was i.. to the supplies part or to the starvation part,i don’t really remember..


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