Things I don’t understand.

And I will probably never will.
This euro – obsession to maintain a dead currency,or a blood thirsty currency-call it as you want- to keep it alive,makes no sense.I can’t understand the fear of the nations,including the country I live in,if they were left outside the euro.There is an obvious diversity in Europe that makes it impossible for the nations to unite under one currency.The experiment has failed.
But all that is no big news.What I can’t understand is this fear.
For example Greece( me included)
Until the euro arrived here,we were living just fine.After the euro a dreadful story.Lately our income has dropped 35-40% -the optimistic side- along with other difficulties.And I ask myself.In 2010 I was still making a decent living( I am a lawfull tax payer).
In 2012 I hardly make a living.Inflation-not in statistics -has jumped sky high.I cant find decent prices in this country so I-as many- buy things I need on the internet.
That means that
a) this situation is helping other economies to develop but the local one and always sideways.
b) comparing to the descenting rate of my(f.i.) income,I would be living under the same standards as I do now with the same inflation etc,in case we exited the euro.
c) a national currency puts an halt to any territorial doubts

So why would I be a euro fanatic.
Or even worse,why would I be so so so damn scared every time Mrs. Merkel threatens me that she’s going to kick me out of the EZ.
She as anybody,can’t take more from someone who has nothing else to give!.

Supposing they do kick me out .Am I to feel scared?
I already live with Humans Rights’ violation and severe one.Nobody asked me If I agree with what they vote.I find out that nothing has been signed and everything is still “under negotiation”
So I negotiate my own future.I want out of the Referendum and the IMF because I strongly believe I can make it no matter the difficulties.
Which,by the way,will be less,not for me but for my children,comparing to a lasting austerity to 2040.
I already work more hours per week than the average European,I really don’t mind working more for my family’s secure future.
I already live in insecurity,I don’t mind feeling insecure in a secure country.
Sooner or later the light at the end of the tunnel will show up.
What I fear isn’t the difficulties,but the ones scared of the difficulties.

6 days before the most critical elections.We deserve a leader with guts to stop the fragmentation of an entire nation,to yell ‘That’s enough” and to tell us what we really need to do to put this country together again with no dictatorship-ish organizations on our backs.

I’m not an optimist by nature.In this very case I am.I’d rather face the tough side and stay independent than be on the rough side and enslaved.
And if,I,that I am not an optimist,say that,why a percentage of my fellow country men are so afraid of any change..I don’t get it.
I have no bank accounts abroad or off-shore ones and the current bank state stole everything I used to own.I still don’t doubt that I,as everybody,will make it.
6 days to rock the global markets.
Somebody will profit and somebody will loose,but finally somebody will have won a war against the set up money games,and that somebody will be us,all of us.And you,in UK and everywhere in Europe too,no more lies about paying extra taxation to save poor Greeks.
It’s a shame they use such lies and it’s a shame we don’t react to those lies.
Euro paradise was dead the day it was born.Now let’s get out of there all of us.

No more lecturing about Argentina or Brazil,those were totally different cases.As I am not an analyst,I won’t get into that.I am just calculating what’s the most beneficiary for everybody.
If the local politicians sold out everything,even myself,I will rebuild everything.
And those who are still afraid,allow me to remind them that development won’t drop from the IMF- Merkel sky.
But don’t you dare tell my children they owe any money!

All the best!


X-rayed again

I was listening to Pink Floyd then the Berlin Wall was torn down and so did our dreams too.I remember the times that we needed a passport to travel through the European countries.Our roles were so defined without a single doubt.Everybody crossing the borderline was a tourist.Their issues left behind to their own countries.
Life was so easier.People were so much easier.Everything had a simple definition under a certain flag and with a certain culture.No blames for the culture each one carried along with their back bags,it was a heritage they didn;t wish to get rid of ,everybody was leaving eventually and everything was back to normal.
Anybody was able to visit any European country with no tags on their t-shirts.Totally free of their domestic burden anybody could show their passport to the customs and enjoy a couple of days in another country.. maybe get to know the locals.. exchange a couple of broken words in the local language.. sight seeing
Pre- EU Europe was glorious.Easy going and lovely.Most of all,the balancing factor of global peace.The intermediate stop to the railway of nuclear threat .Ronald Reagan and Boris Yeltsin.Figures not to be forgotten comparing to the present ones.
Proud countries,proud citizens and nothing to separate.

Sunny Spain,Las Valearidas,Barcelona and Madrid,flourishing,indepedent secure.The Prado and El Greco´s Toledo.The Alhambra castle for everyone to visit.Flamenco grief,Joaquin Cortez and mediterranean sun.
U2,The Cranberries,Massive Attack,Seal huge head phones in the 90’s listening to the ancient huge red Walkmans.1984 the first Sony ones I happened to stumble upon in Florence..Italy..Den Harrow,Memories of Mad Desire and Italo disco.
I remember crossing former Yugoslavia on a tourist bus with no air conditioning,no lemons to carry with no sugar or coffee.. monopoly.. a stop outside Beograd,God just to visit the ladies’ room costed 20 drachmas!Making a stop in a village outside Ljubljana past midnight,a tiny village with hay roofs Jesus that was before 1990,bumps of the heads on the bus roof thanks to the country road .. it was around 1985.Italy exchange: from the Greek Drachma to the Italian Liretta ( spell check: double T or not)..Looking desperately for an exchange kiosk.Buying useless stuff at the mercado or at the Arno Bridge stores..Losing our way in the twisting narrow streets trying to find the meeting point with no GPS.
I remember the famous Autostrada in Trieste,wow I’d never seen such a straight wide highway.
Don’t forget I was born in a small town in the north of Argentina.
The malls in Trieste selling the Toblerone white chocolates.. Ain’t Nobody,Chaka Khan
The Venice depression,the Lido di Jesolo sunlight and the Cathedral of Florence,San Marino looking downwards to the valley,Rimini,the hotel was next to the railway station..
Then back to Greece.Same road same bumps of the heads.. but with precious acquirement: Bananas! Tons of Bananas!
Greece’s Monopoly!
Take the tour to the past..
Doesn’t it sound so so funny now that we all live in Europe of Hatred?
I really miss those years.I miss THAT Europe.

X-Rayed II

I am not an analyst.Just fed up. Allow me to ramble for a while before I go out in the streets screaming my lungs off.
I do live in Greece.I belong to no political party,I trust nobody of all those new coming saviors that showed up recently to save the country after they sank it.I trust no blind folded people bearing a blue or green tag of the two major parties.

( Speaking of parties,I think we really deserve to hold an open party..maybe on the 7th of May who knows)

I trust no big fancy words of any looser spokesman that practically places a gun to any shaky hand to help them kill themselves promising a rosy afterlife through the self sacrifice.Reminds of any kind of sect that requires human sacrifices to be fed from.
I trust no oxymoron that’s spoken in a wooden language.I trust no people that are willing to live on promises and then they are protesting against their own foolishness.

I do trust people who are aware and clear for their reason of protest.Who are aware that their voices won’t reach the deaf ears yet they insist occupying the streets.I trust the people who are imagining the future in 10 years.

I trust myself not repeating the same mistakes.I am aware of my own responsibility.

Power has one characteristic,they can put a gun to anyone’s head,pull the trigger and then wipe a fake plastic tear running down from the steel eyes.Oh and make sure the camera is recording you for the 8 o’clock news.

I’ve demonstrated for peace.Yet wars occurred.
I’ve protested for human rights.Yet they kept being violated.
I’ve shouted in front of government buildings no matter the country.They had air conditioning- do not open the windows.
I’ve inhaled smoke & tear gas.Yet it was always my fault.

So I turned to writing common stuff.

I am not a hero or an extremely active citizen.But i see some years after today.. after the current year.
War scenarios ,poverty and famine,terrorizing people all over the world.Unstable countries and others that show as stable unstable currencies and every body as an expert with an opinion behind the safety and the anonymity of a (smoke) screen
Everybody unfolding theories of what was to be done,what was never done and what is supposed to be done.
Yet people are getting killed every day and our global society is going down.
Everywhere we see there’s chaos,yes one more factor to use as a terrorizing weapon.

“What would you do if there’s chaos ..”
“What would you do if we can’t pay salaries & pensions”
“What would you do without us”

We are living an unknown war.For the first time in history,the enemy are the governments.
Most countries have constitutional dictatorship.
They impose bills without their people knowing.
They impose organizations to monitor us.
They impose anything to control our minds and to implant the fear .

They create civil unrest to any place it serves them to keep it under control.
And then they are fooling us with set up elections,a show for kids to get the gift toy afterwards.
This time it’s a NO.
No toys,we’ve graduated.

Once I’ve read somewhere on the Internet those wise words:
“People are writing when they are deprived from their freedom”

I don’t remember who wrote that.Sorry.It’s not my quote.I have an extremely mediocre mind to generate wise thoughts.


Hey there again.
I was busy lately,I was trying to understand who sneaked into my mind’s labyrinth and gained control of my own “free” will .How the hell they pressed the correct button and I’ve been following the sheep for quite some time.
The procedure was tough,not to understand the method that was a piece of cake.. The Awakening procedure was painful.

One day I woke up speaking russian,the next one,I woke up speaking japanese.. the third day I could speak fluently africaans.
Normally I started wondering what if there were no frontiers on this earth,maybe we could really speak all those languages
Wishful thinking you may add.
One day I woke up and a voice in my head whispered
“Hey we set a sort of elections for you but if you vote,it will get only worse.If you vote we will sow more fear in your mind and terrorize your friends and family with a blackened future and with the possibility of chaos.But if you still insist to vote,it’s your democratic right,we feel the need to escort you,to make sure you won’t get misled”

I took the subway to get there,everyone was facing to the same direction of the carrier.
“Rings a bell,an experiment or something”

I climbed up the staircase and entered the building.Police and military everywhere,faceless lethal puppets with guns in their stretched out hands.

“What’s going on..”
” What happens when people with no control go against people IN control”

I entered the private room with all this paperwork and the envelop,of the sacred kind,not the normal one.
I scrolled through the printed sheet of paper,found the-against-the-flow one,sealed the envelop and followed the democratic ritual under the horrified glances of the supervising committee.

“Now what’s wrong”

Nothing was wrong.Just the envelop that was transparent.As I was all those transparent years I had lived till this transparent Sunday.
X-rayed citizen with a controlled mind and a ripped out plug that used to be mine.

You can be a winner too

In less than 30 days, its shares zoomed as much as 60%. Glowing emails like these soon followed…

Charles P. said: “To say that I am happy would be an understatement…”

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I wonder why the big winners are always registered with a capital letter as a surname..

I wondered, could there be real fast-paying online jobs out there – could I start making money from home? Or am I going to get scammed

Of course you’re going to get scammed,you can’t be such an idiot!

Society as we know it will break down and collapse in a five stage process outlined here. While it can be accelerated by certain events like war, a natural disaster, pandemic, terrorist attack, or even an impending asteroid impact, history has shown that economic collapse will essentially happen in this five stage process. To survive the collapse, it is important to read and interpret the signs and understand what assets are important to the current situation so you can be prepared for the worst thereby allowing you to survive intact and with as little damage as possible.

Everybody has become a prophet and they have issued a 101 survival SAS guide.If they knew that society is coming to an end,they’d be building biodomes instead of writing meaningless posts.

The website had some man preaching about how you can make real money with websites. He seemed to know his stuff and the next page had 20 videos on everything from starting up your site to getting it to make a little cash each day.

So,we are short in cash,we need money quite urgently and still some are making big promises,that yes,we can be rich in a week,woo hoo God bless the Internet gurus!As long as we deposit our 10$ in their bank account.

Now,who’s the worst,the banker or this kind of represantatives of a new pocketing system.They both are the same.

Believe me,I’ve tried that too and invested a low amount of cash in pure scam.Anything I was investing to,was opening Pandora’s box releasing new scams along with alien demands

Now this “make money online” product claims to be the ultimate resource for creating serious income online with a promised 100 hours of video and audio – sound’s great right?!

Of course!It’d tempt anyone,I mean everybody on the face of this earth.

But there’s no real refund ,is there!NONE

Praying deep

To whom shall I pray when the day is so dark.

“Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit,
I ask thee to cleanse my body of all negative energies”

Mother Earth
Please wake up
for wild horses are treading on you

And all invocation is gone with the wind

“Red leaves, gift from earth,
Birth to death and death to birth,
Keep all evil far away,
Day to night and night to day.”

Red leaves turn to black
And all the earth just fades away

From cave and desert,sea and hill,
By wand, blade,and pentacle,
I call you now, attend to me!
This Is my will, so mote it be!

Call me now
for I fell free
The day just dawns
This is my will

“Day to night and night to day.”

From day to night
and night to day
My spirit wanders
across this Earth.

“I ask thee to free and heal my body from all negative forces”
Invading the cave I live in.
The light comes in
But I can’t hold on to it.
Slips away along with the gifts.
Oh Mother Earth.
Please hear my pledge